Sunny Lemon Carrot

SunnyLemonCarrotEver find yourself in the kitchen thinking about something to eat and decide to try two foods together you’ve never had together before?  Then it was super yummy?  Yeah, that’s kind of what happened with this soap…   :)  I had an idea of what I wanted to do with Lemon and Goat Milk, then decided to add some buttermilk and carrots right in the middle of things.

A beautiful, low-coconut formula made with silk, goat milk, homemade buttermilk, organic honey, organic red palm oil, puréed organic carrots and the zest & juice of an entire lemon from my brother’s and sister-in-law’s lemon tree!  The carrots offer their vitamins and minerals to the beauty of this soap – they also contribute to the beautiful, sunny color.  The lemon lends it’s share of vitamins and minerals as well as it’s heavenly SCENT!  An abundance of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and probiotics from the Goat Milk, honey and Buttermilk.  The organic red palm oil gives vitamins E and A as well as contributing to the color.  Vitamin-rich Avocado oil infused with Annatto seeds was the final contribution to the color of this soap, making certain the sunny yellow would be vivid.   Top it off with the (I know, cliché) poppy seeds and yowza!

Super fat of about 6%  – this is a gently cleansing, beautiful, beautiful soap.  Each bar weighs about 5.5 oz and is offered at $8.00 here

Skin Loving Avocado

avocadoJust how luxurious can a soap get?

In it’s previous incarnation, Avocado soap was a true luxury, with many of our customers remarking that they no longer had to use moisturizer after introducing the Avocado soap into their skin care regimen.  This is even more – more superfatted, more luxurious.

A fine tallow soap enriched with the flesh of organic avocado, vitamin-rich organic avocado oil, emu oil, organic aloe vera, jojoba, mango butter, shea butter, raw organic cocoa butter, lanolin and nothing less than luxurious mink oil – superfatted to 10% – each bar weighs in at just under 4 oz.   Essential oils of lavender, bergamot and melissa contribute their scent and healing qualities.  This fine facial bar is excellent skin care.

This is a LOW SUDSING formula – because of it’s luxurious ingredients, this soap will not make a big, bubbly suds – but it will clean the skin all the same – well not the ‘same’.  It will be gentler than other, more sudsy soaps.  :)

Remember that these super fatted soaps do have a shelf life – they’re good for about a year after obtaining them, so use them or put them in the freezer.   Offered at $9.00 per bar here


Goat Milk Soap


Ingredients: Tallow, Palm oil (sustainable), Goat Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, NaOH, Water from Lourdes, Organic Avocado Oil, Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Mango Butter, Raw Shea Butter, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Wildcrafted Silk, Kaolin Clay.

Lourdes water is water which flows from a spring in the Grotto of Massabielle in Lourdes, France.  People make the trek to Lourdes from all over the world.  They want to touch, drink, and immerse themselves in the healing spring waters.  There have been many healings and miracles attributed to the water and the place.  We’re bringing a little bit of that beautiful healing water to you.  I’ve been making this soap for our household for years, now, and my husband asked me why I wasn’t making it for everyone else, too?

Don’t really have a great answer for that except that I wasn’t sure anyone else would be interested in it.

A solid tallow-based soap with a super fat around 7%, very low coconut (so not a high suds), these bring non-drying cleansing to a new level.  Enriched with healing organic Lavender essential oil, vitamin-laden avocado oil, raw organic cocoa butter, organic mango butter, raw organic shea butter, olive oil, super kind almond oil and nutrient-dense goat milk.  Each bar weighs in at over 5.5 oz.  This soap hardens up pretty well and should last a long time.

Knock Out

knockoutPart of the great improvement in my health has included exercise.  After being told to ‘stay down’ for over a year to heal the adrenals, it was hard to get back up!  All of the adrenal fatigue (dang-near failure!) mess caused a lot of muscle atrophy.  Getting back into exercising caused some serious pain – the atrophied areas had developed ‘adhesions’ and there were interesting lumps and bumps that hurt like crazy.  That pain was tolerable (barely) during the day, but to try and sleep with the pain was nearly impossible some nights.

Enter ‘Knock Out’.  :) My new bff.  This was part of a lesson for my herbal medicine and while I worked the lesson, I realized I could help myself out.  I mixed up a blend that addressed my problems specifically and what do you know – it not only worked, but it worked GREAT.  Because I ‘resist’ relaxation automatically (it’s just a thing I do), I made sure this would be able to overcome that tendency.  Boy, does it ever.

Best sleep I’ve had in years.  Consistently.  I’m going to share my recipe and you can make your own or you may purchase this tea from me here

I use the ‘Simpler’ method to measure.  A part is anything from a hand full to a teaspoon.  If you choose to use a teaspoon as your ‘part’, then do so for the entire recipe.  :)

1 part oats (not instant unless that’s all you can get)

2 parts Chamomile

1 part Hops flowers

1 part Skullcap

2 parts Lemon Balm

1 part California Poppy

Blend herbs together. The rate of usage is 1 teaspoon of dry tea per 1 cup of water. Infuse tea in hot water for a minimum of 10 minutes (15-20 is better), then drink 1/4 cup every half hour starting a couple hours before you want to be asleep. Yes, the entire cup may be consumed at once, but it will be a knock out.

If you’d rather just buy the tea from me, click here


Hi everyone!

Just a quick update for you.  We have a lot of recipes posted here on Intrinsic Alchemist.  They’re separated into Recipes 1 and Recipes 2 – if you’ll Creamtake a look at the links along the top of the page just under the header, you will see those links.

Recipes 1 consists of household and cleaning recipes.  Recipes 2 is health, face and body care recipes.  There are quite a few recipes posted so far – as time goes on, more recipes will be posted for use.

Have a great day!

Numero Dos

NumeroDosOK, this is a touchy subject, but everyone DOES it.

Number 2.  Drop a deuce.  Poo.  Hence the name, Numero Dos.  Made with all natural NON-chemical ingredients, this little gem will not only save embarrassment. it won’t poison you or your environment!

Simply spray a few sprays on the surface of the water, go, flush.

But that’s not where the usefulness of this stuff ends.  Deodorize the air, stinky shoes, etc.  Because there are essential oils and glycerin in this, test it on an inconspicuous spot first – the essential oils are strong and, well, glycerin is glycerin – not really an oil, not really water.  They may make spots on certain fabrics or surfaces – they’ll likely be fairly easy to clean.  But you’ve been warned – I’m not coming to clean it if you mess up… LOL   :)

Ingredients: Water, Odor Killing Enzymes, Essential Oils, Glycerin.

Right now, we only have 1 ounce bottles in Lemon Eucalyptus in stock to see how this is received by our customers.   We’re selling these for $6.25 here

News from Intrinsic Alchemist

Hi Everyone!

Some things to know about Intrinsic Alchemist:

1.  Not all soaps are going to be available all the time.  If you have found a favorite and the ingredients used are seasonal (such as the Prickly Pear), or you have an idea for a soap that you’d like to have made just for you, please feel free to place a custom order for an entire batch of it.  We will require half of the cost as a down payment, then the balance when the batch is ready to ship.

If you’re ordering a soap that we’ve made for the store previously, YOUR SOAP WILL GET MADE FIRST, the soap for the store will be made after your custom order.  If you think you can use 9 or more bars of soap within a year, this is a great money-saving way to buy your soap.  The minimum is a 2 pound batch (nine 2″ x 3″ bars).

2.  These are high quality ARTISAN soaps.  If you do buy an entire batch, consider keeping them in the freezer or fridge.  They’re going to be fresh for about a year at room temperatures.  Especially ones with a very high super fat.

3.   We are working on rolling out new products.  If there is something you’d love to see, feel free to contact us and ask about it.  Chances are, we’ve already got a recipe in formulation!

4.  Don’t be misled by soaps labeled as ‘organic’.  While we use organic oils, the very best lye available is ‘Food Grade’ (and that IS what we use!) but it is not organic (‘organic’ lye simply cannot be obtained), so the soaps cannot be labeled  ‘organic’.   Soap cannot be made without lye.

Thank you for stopping by.  We’re glad you’re here!



Essential Essential Oil Blend

There are many essential oil companies out there that want to sell you their essential oil blends for fighting germs – usually with a name containing the word “shield” or “guard” (hey, maybe we should call this recipe Germ Warrior! LOL) – and each one is a variation on a theme:  Thieves Oil.EO

There are several old stories about how the Thieves Oil blend came to be known – they’re also usually quite similar: during a plague, there was a band of thieves taking the valuables from the homes of dying or recently dead plague victims. The king of the land set his henchmen out to find these thieves – not because of the lucre they’d stolen, but because of the fact they’d been in close quarters with plague victims and their homes without getting sick. The merry band of thieves explained their method to the king and it was this blend that came to be known as Thieves Oil.

In looking around, there are many, many recipes out there for Thieves Oil.  Yes, buying all the essential oils, then blending them is not cheap.  However, in many, if not most cases it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the premade blend!  Not only that, but so many of them are not organic in any way.  Hello!  Just how much pesticide is one body capable of handling?  Medicinal plants are just as susceptible to pests as any other and if the essential oil is not organic, I’m not inclined to spend my money on it.

The basic elements in Thieves Oil are as follows:  Clove bud, Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Lemon.

Some take the lemon out and use orange instead (which probably smells and tastes good, but the lemon is a better germ killer!), others add essential oils such as Oregano (anti-bacterial, natural antibiotic, germ killing) to their blend.  Some recipes call for equal amounts of each of the five essential oils.

I’m going to give you the basic, old, Thieves Oil recipe here – this is the one that I believe saved me from the flu in February when everyone else in the household was coughing and sneezing right on me (that’s right – I never caught it! woohoo).  What you add to it to make it work for you is up to you.

Thieves Oil *

33 drops organic Clove Bud essential oil (33%)

30 drops organic Lemon Essential oil  (30%)

17 drops organic cinnamon bark essential oil (17%)

12 drops organic eucalyptus essential oil  (12%)

8 drops organic rosemary essential oil (8%)

Mix into a dark glass bottle.   Other oils you may wish to add:  Orange, lavender, tea tree, cedar.  Start with a smaller batch and experiment – see what works best for you.

– For Encapsulation:  To a ’00’ capsule, add 6 drops of Thieves Oil, press together and take up to 4 times a day.

– Antibiotic Blend Encapsulations: To a ’00’ capsule, add 8 drops of Thieves Oil, 4 drops of Oregano essential oil, 1 drop of Frankincense (if available), press the capsule together.  Don’t over do this one, it’s quite strong.

*I’ve formulated this recipe at 100 drops. A 15ml (1/2 oz +/-) bottle will hold about 250 drops, a 5ml bottle will hold about 85 drops.  The percentages are in parentheses so that you can figure out how much you need of each for a different sized batch. Total number of drops desired x percentage of each oil (do each calculation separately) = number of drops needed of each oil for batch size.

This recipe will be permanently located here

Fresh Batches – Herbal and Laundry

OK, the first soap here is the Herbal Bar – we used to call it the Dog Shampoo Bar, but so many people loved it for themselves, we are just calling it  HerbalBarHerbal Bar.  It is VERY cleansing – which is what makes it great for the pooches!   It is also a great kitchen soap.  To me, the smell is heavenly and invigorating.  This soap doesn’t really have much of a superfat, only about 1 percent.  Enriched with cedar, thuja, spruce, rosemary and sage essential oils as well as aloe vera, jojoba and kaolin clay, this soap takes on life with a full one foot cutting from my organic Rosemary bush!  I love the way the house smells while this soap is curing.

It’s listed for sale here

Instructions for use on dog:  Wet down your dog, rub the bar of soap directly on the dog, rinse.  Repeat if necessary.  Use a washcloth on the dog’s face.  Soap stings the eyes.

Pregnant ladies should avoid prolonged exposure to this soap because of the rosemary.  Rosemary brings on the menses.


Laundry Soap is never out of stock.   These recent batches aren’t as white as previous batches – that is because the essential oil that is being used currently has a good amount of color in it.  It still cleans as well as ever, it’s just not pure white.  It’s listed on the Artisanal Soaps Available at the VERY BOTTOM OF THE PAGE – scroll down when you get there.

Coconut oil is great for laundry soap!

Coconut oil is great for laundry soap!

Just One More Thing…..

Anyone who has ever watched Columbo on TV has heard that line (he said it several times per episode).  Columbo used it to aggravate the wiley, intelligent murderer into making a mistake or saying something that would validate the detective’s notion that he knew who done it.   Today, I’m using it in a very different way.  For the last few months, it seems that life has been using that line on me nearly every day!  Schedule changes at jobs, class changes at school, doctors appointments, extracurricular activities, church activities – you name it.  Just when I’d get adjusted and think I had it well in hand, you guessed it – ‘just one more thing’.  It’s been testing, it’s been aggravating some days, but for the most part, it’s all been for very good reasons.    Some of it has been my own doing – deciding to study herbal medicine in the middle of the whole shebang (and not telling anyone because I didn’t want to hear “are you nuts? dontcha think you have enough going on?” LOL apparently not).  But it turns out that reading, studying and writing were all things I could do while sitting in the car, waiting.  So, not a total dingbat idea.  That’s why you got articles on probiotics and the lengthy update on my health (when I’m down, I make myself count my blessings and then I’m not down anymore – my health progress is a HUGE blessing!).

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support and patience – it really was my goal to roll out some nifty and interesting stuff for Valentine’s Day, then by St. Patrick’s Day, I was down in the dumps – wondering if I’d ever have a little time to create anything!   (That’s when I started counting my blessings!)  Some of these beautiful soaps take nearly an entire day to create.  That isn’t even counting the hours spent calculating the recipes from an idea that often strikes me during the middle of the night or in the middle of a conversation.   This truly is a labor of love and one that I take seriously – keeping chemicals out of the equation is, I believe, one of the biggest aspects of my healing.  My thinking is that if I can keep chemicals out of my husband’s and children’s lives and educate them about nutrition, they will never get sick like I did.  And if telling my story and making my soaps available helps even one person, that’s a great thing.

The good news is I’ve gotten some soaps made!  YAY!  Stay tuned… more to follow!


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