Scrubby Stix© – Lemon Carrot Poppy Seed

Hi everyone!

The Sunny Lemon Carrot was VERY well received (we won’t discuss how long it’s been since I madeScrubbyStix that one, OK?)!

Nearly everyone who used it mentioned that the poppy seeds should have been MORE than just decorative.

I wish I could say this to everyone all the time (but I’d get worn out completely because my time, energy and resources are limited – some days they seem nonexistent)-

“As you have wished it, so it shall be”  

(insert nose twitch or pony tail flip or exaggerated eye blink here)

I combined that lovely formula with an idea that’s been brewing for a while.

Enter Scrubby Stix©. Lemon Carrot Poppy Seed soap is a beautiful, low-coconut formula made with silk, goat milk, homemade organic buttermilk, organic honey, organic red palm oil, puréed organic carrots and the zest & juice of an entire organic lemon from a local tree!

The carrots offer their vitamins and minerals to the beauty of this soap – they also contribute to the beautiful, sunny color.  The lemon lends it’s share of vitamins and minerals as well as it’s heavenly SCENT!  An abundance of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and probiotics from the Goat Milk, honey and Buttermilk.  The organic red palm oil gives vitamins E and A as well as contributing to the color.  Vitamin-rich Avocado oil infused with Annatto seeds was the final contribution to the color of this soap.   With beautiful food grade poppy seeds, fine pumice and organic ground walnut shells all through the bar, this is  a VERY scrubby experience!

Super fat of about 6%  – this is a beautiful, beautiful soap.  There are two sizes right now – Large (6 oz and over) and Small (4-5+oz).  They’ll be available for sale here.

Crafted with Beef and Buffalo Tallows, sustainable organic red palm oil, organic coconut oil, olive oil, raw organic cocoa butter, raw organic shea butter, castor oil, organic carrot purée, organic homemade buttermilk, organic Avocado oil infused with annatto seeds, goat milk, almond oil, glycerine, poppy seeds, organic ground walnut shells, fine pumice powder, essential oils.


New Batch – TLCream

Hi everyone!

Well, that was fast!  The first batch of TLCream sold out very quickly after I posted about it – and I TLCdidn’t even really go into great detail about this cream!

This is a light weight cream, but it’s got a LOT of punch.  My husband used it and his lines appeared  greatly reduced THE VERY NEXT DAY.  Not kidding.

Roses have long been used in beauty preparations.  Rose can benefit all skin types, it can help sooth and cool sensitive and irritated skin, balance and cleanse oily skin, rejuvenate, soften and tone mature skin, revitalize and add beautiful glow to the normal skin. Rose is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins and can help prevent the signs of ageing as well as nourish the skin.  Rose has shown to decrease enlarged capillaries below the skin’s surface that cause a red appearance.  Rose is used to relax in aromatherapy.  There are 3 ways Roses are used in TLCream – Rose infused oil, rose essential oil and rosewater.

Honey has anti-bacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties. It is jam packed with nutrition.

Royal jelly is incredibly nutritious, improves red blood cell production, glucose tolerance and mental health in humans.

Vitamin A has skin regenerating properties (promotes epithelialization & keratinization). Can improve appearance of aged and acneic skin.

Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 are the only oil-soluble antioxidants naturally present in the epidermis but readily depleted by UV-radiation. Both actives protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV light. Topically applied, CoQ10 can penetrate the cell layers of the skin and may attenuate the depth of wrinkles due to photo aging, as well as epithelial cell turnover.  CoQ10 is also a very powerful antioxidant or free radical scavenger.

Lanolin seals in moisture, is soothing and bacteriostatic

Apricot oil is high in vitamin A, an easily absorbed emollient and high in Essential Fatty Acids.

NaPCA – Sodium PCA is the sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid (also known as PCA). PCA is a naturally occurring component of human skin and a part of the “natural moisturizing factors” (NMF) that maintain a healthy epidermis. Sodium PCA is very hygroscopic, attracting moisture from the air. It imparts a moist feeling to hair and skin.  It is non-comedogenic, nonirritating to the eye and skin and does not contribute to phototoxicity or sensitization.

Algae Extract nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals and protects the skin from anti-oxidant stress. It also has wrinkle prevention properties and hydrates the skin.

Aloe Vera – has been used topically since ancient times for its skin soothing properties.

Emu oil is a superior skin moisturizer, is absorbed into the skin quickly, has anti-inflammatory properties and is non-comedogenic.

Crafted with  Apricot kernel oil infused with organic roses, lavender buds, chamomile, calendula and elder flowers, aloe Vera, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, Lanolin, Emu oil, lanosterol esters, cholesterol esters, squalane from olive oil, water infused with organic roses, NaPCA, Algae Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, CoQ10, Honey, Royal Jelly, rose essential oil, geranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and helichrysum essential oil, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate (an EcoCert preservative).

This is an extremely nice cream and I love it.  I believe you will like it very much!

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Baby Powder

When I was a kid, ‘baby powder’ was a ubiquitous substance in most households.  It was used for everything from diaper changing to after the shower to setting makeup on a hot day.BabyPowder

I won’t bore you with my extensive thoughts on how deficiencies are probably more at play in the current rash of talc-related disease states.  We will just leave the facts as they currently stand in place.  Talc has become a health threat to some people and since there are safer alternatives, those should be employed.  Especially on babies.

The beauty of this powder is that it can be used as a poultice on wounds as well!  On a wound, apply the powder directly and bandage.  On a severe case of diaper rash, mix a little powder with a very small amount of water until a paste is formed.  Apply as a poultice, then diaper.

This powder can be used by anyone!

Meticulously formulated with Kaolin Clay, Organic Arrowroot, Organic Comfrey Root, Organic Slippery Elm, Organic Myrrh, Organic Goldenseal (responsibly grown and harvested), Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

Also available unscented.

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New Batch of Dead Sea Mud Soap !

deadsea15A spa treatment for your skin with every use!  This soap is LOADED with goodies for your skin, the Dead Sea Mud is just the icing on the cake – giving you a good dose of minerals every time you use it.  

Hand Crafted with Raw Organic Cocoa Butter, Raw Organic Shea Butter, Organic Hemp Oil, Castor oil, Olive Oil and of course, tallow.  But this time, we’ve included grass fed BUFFALO tallow, too!  

Enriched with Organic coconut milk, Organic Goat Milk, Colloidal Oatmeal, Honey, Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal, Raw Wildcrafted silk and Essential Oils.  The scent is spicy orange and the bars are no less than 4oz each

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UNSCENTED Super Emollient Cream Lotion


4 ounce containers for Super Emollient Cream Lotion. Left, plastic bottle; Right, glass jelly jar.

Hi Everyone!

What’s this?  UNSCENTED?  Yes!  Now, you would think it would be super simple to just make the lotion WITHOUT the essential oils and it would be fine.  Well, yes… and no.

There are qualities in the essential oils that I didn’t feel should be skimped on.  I steeped the oils in calendula, lavender and helichrysum to ensure the same healing and tissue regeneration properties as the original.  It took a month to get the oil to my specifications.  Here we are.

Lotions are now available in plastic bottles as well as glass jars.  The plastic is a choice – you may have the glass jar or plastic bottle.  This is strictly up to you.

8 ounce containers for Super Emollient Cream Lotion. Left, plastic bottle;  right, glass canning jar.

8 ounce containers for Super Emollient Cream Lotion. Left, plastic bottle; right, glass canning jar.

Getting unscented lotion will enable you to add your own essential oils or simply not have a scent!

4 oz $4.99 (either plastic or glass)

8 oz $9.99 (either plastic or glass)

16 oz $19.95 (available in glass only!)

16 oz with pump $24.95 (glass only)

32 oz $39.89 (glass only)

32 oz with pump $44.89 (glass only)

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Testimonials and Freebies

Thankyou1I’ve posted about this a few times before, but it’s been at least a couple of years now since the last post about this.

When you write testimonials and share posts, don’t be surprised if you get a message with a dollars off coupon code or flat out asking for your the address so we can send you a gift of Thanks!

Word of mouth is important and while you know what you like, telling others how much you like giftIntrinsic Alchemist is how we stay in business and grow!

Go to Testimonials and write your testimonial at the bottom of the page.
OR, you may go to the facebook page and either send your testimonial via message or post it right on the web page or fb posting for the product you like so much!

The testimonials will be used on the website, although your full name will not be used.

Have a great day and Thank You!

Healing Salve

My beautiful kids got one of the best Christmas gifts for me ever.  A little crock pot just for my Herbal HealSalvmedwork.

Infusing oils with herbs in a crock pot (instead of a canning jar in the kitchen window) actually makes the process a little quicker – in my opinion, it also makes the infusion stronger.  At least it does the way I do it.  :)

Healing Salve, also known as Baby Balm is one of those must-have items whether you’re going to use it for the occasional burn from working in the kitchen, the baby’s rare diaper rash, or just to have in your first aid kit.

So far, this stuff has been used with great success for burns, diaper rash, scrapes, extra dry flakey skin on radiation and chemo patients, calluses, wounds, sore noses, and even the dog and cats.

I gashed my shin with the car door and was so amazed at how quickly it healed with the regular application of the Healing Salve, I really wished I’d thought to take pics… although the gash was pretty ugly – you probably wouldn’t want to see pics of that!

Olive oil meticulously infused with Calendula, Comfrey root, Comfrey leaf, St. Johns Wort, arnica, echinacea, Raw, Organic Cocoa Butter, Raw Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Lanolin, Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

I love this salve – it smells like heaven to me, especially before I add the essential oil.  It’s an earthy, green smell that makes me happy.  This is my go to for many, many things.  My husband and children all use the heck out of this one, too.

This one is available in 3 sizes as well as a sample size.

.8 oz in an Amber glass jar   $5.45
1.6 oz in an Amber glass jar $9.45
3.5 oz in small jelly jar $17.95

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New Prices on Laundry Soap, News, Samples, Updates

Hi everyone!

Sample Jar

Sample size jar for Muscle Rub, TLCream, Glucosamine/MSM cream, Healing Salve,

I do understand the desire to to try a product before investing your hard-earned money.  While I do my best to keep the prices as affordable as possible, my refusal to compromise on quality means that prices on some items will just never be low.  The prices are as low as I can make them without losing money on each purchase.  Right now, samples are available in the cart.  You’ll have to add a product to your shopping cart, then the samples will be available.

I’m considering creating a Sample grab bag as well, just working on how best to

1.5oz Lotion Sample

1.5oz Lotion Sample

effect that.

The shopping cart here at Intrinsic Alchemist has now been updated with expanded checkout options.  It’s pretty spiffy too!  If you’d rather not use pay pal, you can check out with your card and it will be processed via Square Register.  Alternatively, you may pay via Money Order – upon completion of your order, you’ll receive an email with information on where to send the Money Order.

Another change to the shopping cart/checkout process here at Intrinsic Alchemist is a flat rate shipping charge.  Because I prefer to use USPS Priority Mail with tracking and insurance, this just makes sense – especially since no one really buys one single bar of soap.  So, orders will be charged a flat 5.35 shipping fee up to $34.99.  $35.00 and up is free shipping.

If you’re interested in buying one bar of soap only, please contact me and I will create an invoice with actual shipping charges for you.

The prices on Laundry Soap have gone DOWN!  Because I was able to get supplies in greater quantities, I paid less per pound and am able to pass these savings on to you.  The cart will now accurately reflect the amount being purchased as well.




Herbal Antibacterial

Hi everyone!  What I have for you today is another personal favorite.  Herbal Antibacterial soap. Herbantibacterial Colored with minerals and Activated Charcoal, the red and black color is striking.  But so is the scent.  For some reason, I  can’t get a really good pic of this one.  Have tried two days in a row.  It is Black and Red.

Properties include:

– Quite Cleansing

– Can be used as a solid shampoo – the beer will be good to the skin and hair.

– Enriched with complexion correcting Rhassoul Clay (red), activated charcoal (black) and witch hazel, it is good for oily and acne-prone skin.

– While the predominant scent in this one is cedar wood, the proprietary blend of essential oils includes several oils that are antibacterial in nature – tea tree and oregano especially.

– Lauric acid in the form of coconut oil added as a super fat at the last possible moment contributes to the microbe-managing properties of this beautiful soap.

– Raw, Organic Honey has been added to this formulation to help in the anti-bacterial properties.

– New to this batch:  a good amount of grass fed Buffalo tallow – will nourish the skin as it cleanses.

All in all, this is a very beautiful soap and does what it’s intended to do – at least that’s what I hear from my customers!

Get it here.

Glucosamine/MSM Cream

Glucosamine MSM creamToday, I am introducing Glucosamine/MSM Pain Cream.   I know that when I have been in terrible pain, everything (everything!) got on my last nerve.  I hope this is of some small help to others.  I’m not going to make any claims about this cream – going to let people give their testimonials.

Crafted with Emu Oil, Frankincense and Myrrh, this one has a beautiful scent.

It’s available unscented, too! Since I’m not making any claims about this product, I can only tell you that most of the people who have used the unscented seemed as pleased as those who used the regular one.  There have only been a couple of dissenters and their pains are pretty great.

Regular:  Water, Australian Emu Oil, Olive oil infused with Frankincense and Myrrh, Lanolin, Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Glucosamine, MSM, vitamin E, Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Pregnenolone, sodium borate, Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate (an EcoCert preservative).

Unscented:  Water, Australian Emu Oil, Olive oil, Lanolin, Beeswax, Aloe Vera, Glucosamine, MSM, vitamin E, Pregnenolone, sodium borate, Gluconolactone (and) Sodium Benzoate (an EcoCert preservative).

Price:  for a small jelly jar, scented or unscented, $19.95  Buy here

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

THE Muscle Rub

Hi everyone!IMG_8449

Muscle Rub is one of the best selling products here at Intrinsic Alchemist.  It is also one of my favorite creations – I use it too!  I love that people who use it get such benefit.  It sells as fast as I can make it.

The tins we used to use were very attractive, but there were quite a number of complaints from folks – especially those with arthritis in their hands – having trouble getting the lids off the tins.  Despite the fact that some had trouble getting the lid off the tin, once the muscle rub was melted, that tin lid might as well have been full of holes for all the leakage that occurred.

Because of the essential oil content of the muscle rub, it has a fairly low melting point. If it gets hot enough to melt, it is able to escape the tin.  While one may be able to scrape enough back together again to use, the essential oils will likely have escaped into vapor forever, leaving an inferior product.

Enter these beautiful little amber glass jars.  They have a lined lid and don’t allow leakage.

Jelly Jar

Small Jelly Jar – for illustration purpose only – I know it’s empty!  The one you order will arrive stuffed with muscle rub! :)

They hold the same amount – 1.6 ounce.  They have now made it through successful testing in the Arizona heat this summer!

And for those of you who use a LOT, I have available the Muscle Rub in jelly jars (contains more than double the amount of the little jar).  With an easy to remove white lid.  You’ll still have to deal with the seal and ring on your initial use, however.

1.6 oz jar $11.95

Jelly jar $19.95 – easy off white lid included, but not on jar during shipping.

Get yours here

Herbal Bar/ Dog Bar

Mmmmmmmm…. I love this bar… Herbal
Not the same kind of bar that the song is about, but I DO love this bar. It’s far and away one of my most favorite creations.  After cutting this soap, I like to let it cure in the living room – the whole entire room takes on the beautiful woody scent.
This was originally intended to be dog soap and many will still call it that, which is why it’s still got ‘dog’ in it’s name.
But it’s so beloved by so many as a shampoo bar, shower soap, kitchen soap, etc., it is not exclusively a Dog Shampoo Soap anymore.
Crafted with a nice blend of grass fed beef and buffalo tallows, olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter; enhanced with silk, nettles, meadowfoam seed oil, hemp seed oil, rice bran oil,  jojoba oil and fresh rosemary from my garden.  The scent is a blend of cedar wood, cedar leaf, sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, pine and spruce essential oils.  Just Beautiful.

This one doesn’t stay in stock long, so get it while you can.

Lemony Cuticle and Nail Cream

I love this stuff.  I love the way it feels, the way it smells and quite honestly, I am so impressed with what it does to my nails!

Enriched with vitamin D- rich Lanolin, this seals in moisture, is soothing and bacteriostatic.  Mustard oil contains Omega 3, polyunsaturated fats as well as other nutrients, is anti-bacterial, is said to stimulate growth of hair and nails as well as nourish, removes dark spots and is anti-inflammatory.  Biotin is a B vitamin that is said to help strengthen nails as well as hair and skin.  Olive oil infused with lemon lends vitamins E and K, conditioning and moisturizing properties as well as the vitamins and scent from the lemon.  Apricot oil is high in vitamin A, an easily absorbed emollient and high in Essential Fatty Acids.

I’ve posted my before and after pics below – the meta data is included to prove that these pics were taken about 1 week apart.

Before pic Before Pic

After 1 week:

One Week

Week 2:


Usage:  It would probably work miracles if one were able to use it twice a day.

I am lucky if I get to use this on my nails at least once a day.  Before bed, I put the cream all around my cuticles and nails as well as a little smear underneath each nail.  If I could remember to use it in the mornings as well, my nails would probably grow like weeds.  As it is, they’re growing much faster than they have in many, many years and they’re getting stronger.  I’ve had a couple of nails that split for no reason at all – that seems to be improving slowly with this cream.

I have had to do some unusual chores – like fixing the water line on the refrigerator, changing a light fixture, digging a hole to bury a pet.  The nails came through all that without any damage – which is pretty surprising considering I usually lose ALL my nails after just one of those types of chores.

This is a true treat for the nails and cuticles and it smells DIVINE!  :) nail

Crafted with: Lanolin, Beeswax, Apricot oil, mustard oil, olive oil infused with lemon, water, aloe vera, Sodium borate, biotin (the B vitamin), Vitamin E, Lemon Essential oil, Rosemary extract, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate (an EcoCert preservative).

Packaged in a 1 ounce double wall plastic jar with a liner (KEEP the liner!).

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I had a very impressive list of things I wanted to make here at Intrinsic Alchemist – and when they wereTLC to be released – LAST YEAR.   Many, many things happened.  My mother came to my home and passed away, my Epstein Barr became a very BIG problem – it knocked me down for a couple months straight – I slept through Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, a family member chose that particular time to show her true colors (and they weren’t happy, helpful colors…LOL – then she got stupid again at Easter – it’s a holiday thing…).  My mom’s dog, Sadie, and Sadie’s cat, Gizmo, came to live with us and we already had several pets – then Gizmo was poisoned and that sent a surprisingly large ripple through the family.  I think Sadie is still a little depressed – she goes looking for her friend nearly every day.

Not everything was bad – some beautiful, awesome things like reconnecting with a long lost loved one, welcoming a new family member and finding out about a couple more new family members on their way in the fall.   No matter how we stack it up, a LOT of stuff and my train got derailed.  There were survivors… :)  My energy is returning and is good most of the time.  However, when I miss even one night of sleep, the whole apple cart is overturned and it takes a few days to recover.  Diligence is required to maintain the progress already achieved, let alone continue healing.  I’ve always had the attitude of  “well, if heaven and earth need to be moved today, so be it, they’ll move”.  And I’ve paid dearly for all that moving… :)

At any rate, back to the main reason we’re here.  I’ve been talking about this cream to some people for quite a long time now.  Maybe a little over a year.  Yes, this is one of the things that got delayed during the derailment.  The upside – I tweaked the formula and then tweaked it again – then yes, one more time.  This stuff is NICE.  I use it as a night cream – around my eyes even.  It does not bother my eyes at all, but please be careful if you decide to try this and see how you do with it.  It’s a pretty luxurious cream in my honest opinion.

Crafted with Apricot kernel oil infused with organic roses, lavender buds, chamomile, calendula and elder flowers, aloe Vera, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, Lanolin, Emu oil, lanosterol esters, cholesterol esters, squalane from olive oil, water infused with organic roses, NaPCA, Algae Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, CoQ10, Honey, Royal Jelly, rose essential oil, geranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and helichrysum essential oil, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate (an EcoCert preservative).

Buy it here

Free Fire Cider

Anyone who has tasted Fire Cider knows exactly why it’s called Fire Cider. The recipe hmastertonicas been around a very long time and many, many people make it. Some make it and sell it. A company has Trademarked the name ‘Fire Cider’ and is now running around suing herbalists for using it. There are books by Rosemary Gladstar with the recipe in them – they were published long before the company applied for their trademark.

I can only imagine that the entity which gave them a trademark on the term was simply ignorant of the facts – trademarking the term ‘Fire Cider’ is akin to trademarking the word ‘Tincture’ or perhaps, to be more analogous, ‘Rhodiola Tincture’ and then expecting every herbalist or company in the country to honor the trademark!

I’ll be honest, when I first heard about this, I truly believed that the people who had taken out the ridiculous trademark would wake up and leave others alone for making something they’ve made for DECADES.  But no.  Now this company has decided to sue those who are bringing attention to the matter.

Please go to Free Fire Cider and sign the petition, make a donation if you’re able and so inclined or send an email of support.

A Rose by any other name……

I’ll be honest, one of my most favorite things in the world is a rose bush.  Doesn’t matter what color – they’re all just beautiful and the smell of each one is unique.   Rose

While I love rose scented things, there is nothing more tedious to me than a rose scented item that is so obviously fake that the smell just never goes away.  Years after you get rid of some of those super fakey things, you can still smell them and the super chemical fakey base used to make them.

But Rose Essential oil is SSSOOOOO expensive!  What to do?  I found a really nice fragrance blend that smells like real roses!  AND it’s not a super toxic, kill-you-dead one, either!

This soap is just a beautiful, super hard, tallow soap enriched with Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Olive Oil then colored with Herbs and Minerals.  Awesome.

$5.25 per bar

Flower Power Toner

Queen of Hungary Water –  That’s  quite a title, isn’t it? Well, it’s where all this started, so I will tell youIMG_7674 a little bit about it.

I saw Queen of Hungary Water, also known as Hungary Water, mentioned in a book I was reading.  Decided to look the stuff up and see what all the fuss was about.  The exact date of the invention of Hungary Water is lost to history. It is equally unclear who created it. Some say that a monk-recluse who first gave it to The Queen of Hungary, though most likely it was made by a court alchemist.  The oldest surviving recipes call for distilling fresh rosemary flowers  (and possibly thyme) with strong brandy, while later formulations contain lavender, mint, sage, marjoram, cistus, orange blossom and lemon.

The legend takes it further – how this stuff made a 70 year old Queen look so good again that a man many years her junior proposed marriage.

Other legends have it that early gypsies formulated it and claimed it to be a panacea.  It has been claimed to be the first herbal product ever marketed.

So, the original Hungary Water was made with alcohol and rosemary flowers (and most likely thyme), then the formula appears to have morphed into containing rosemary, thyme as well as citrus (all therapeutic, not just good-smelling!).  Then, whether it was Gypsies or an herbalist who decided to use vinegar, a whole new dimension was explored there.

Taking a look around the internet, one can find versions of Hungary Water in perfume/cologne format that would blow the heck out of a $100 bill – some of them not even leaving you a couple bucks for your buyer’s remorse soothing after-spending treat… LOL :)  Others are vinegar-based herbal delights that are very affordable.

The recipes that turned up in my research were interesting and varied – ranging from essential oils blended into vodka or commercially made witch hazel to herbs (fresh, dried or both) steeped in apple cider vinegar for a time, then blended with aloe, rosewater (or other hydrosol, such as orange blossom) or commercially made witch hazel.

Because I love fermented and cultured stuff, I decided to try one of the recipes that used apple cider vinegar as the base.   I made it, of course, taking my usual deviations from the recipe (no recipe is safe).  I used it and LOVED it.  The vinegar scent was there, but not excessive.  Once it dried, the floral scent was all that was left.  However, my husband isn’t a vinegar fan and has mentioned it a couple of times.

So, for my next attempt, I used all my chosen flowers herbs and steeped them in rum.  My rosemary plant was blooming and I wanted to get at least a few of those blossoms into the mix.  I didn’t have the heart to steal them all from the bees, though.

It is a wonderful toner/astringent for the face.  Most of the herbs are easy enough to find – especially if you shop at Mountain Rose Herbs!  While the initial amount paid for all the supplies may seem high, this stuff goes a long, long way and I can’t help but believe it to be quite a lot less expensive and much healthier than even the cheapest commercial toner – it’s chemical free, too!

I noticed the tone and condition of my skin improving after just a couple of weeks using this nightly.  On the days I use it both morning and night (I hate to admit it, but I don’t tend to my skin THAT often!), my pores seem to get even smaller and tighter.

The ‘parts’ can be any measurement you choose.  An ounce, a tenth of an ounce, a teaspoon, a cup.  Keep in mind, though, that dried herbs weigh lightly, so an ounce of some of these can be very BIG!

Whatever ‘part’ you decide upon, make sure your vessel is large enough to accommodate the herbs with some room for the liquids.  My ‘part’ for this was .10 oz – I ended up with over 2.5 oz of herbs and flowers – it’s bigger than you think!  It ended up filling a gallon jar half way.

3 parts Lavender flower buds – anti-inflammatory
1 part Helichrysum flowers – regenerative, fades scars
3 parts Chamomile flowers – anti-inflammatory
2 parts Calendula flowers – speeds healing
6 parts Roses – astringent, vitamin c, aromatherapy
1 part Jasmine flowers – aromatherapy
2 parts Elder flowers – mild astringent, gentle stimulant
Rosemary flowers – not easy to obtain unless you have a plant
1 part Rosemary – improves circulation, astringent
3 parts Lemon Balm (aka Melissa) – antiseptic, calming
1/2 part White Sage – improves circulation
1 part Comfrey Leaf – soothing
2 parts Lemon Peel – fights acne, antiseptic, vitamin c
1/4-1/2 part Peppermint Leaf – reduces redness, cooling
1/2 tablespoon Witch Hazel Bark – astringent
1/2 tablespoon Turmeric Root – anti-inflammatory
1 tablespoon Rose Hips – vitamin c
1/2 teaspoon Frankincense powder – antiseptic, aromatherapy
1/4 teaspoon Myrrh powder – antiseptic, aromatherapy
1/2 grapefruit rind – vitamin c, aromatherapy

Vodka or Rum to cover
(you may use Raw Apple Cider Vinegar or  OR 1/2 ACV and 1/2 vodka/rum)

Rosewater, Aloe Vera Gel (commercially made) and/or Witch Hazel (measures follow)

1.  Place all the herbs in a wide mouth jar and cover with chosen liquid (alcohol, vinegar or 1/2 and 1/2).  Be sure there is about 2 inches of alcohol/vinegar above the herb blend.  Cover tightly and let sit in a warm place for 2-3 weeks.

2.  Strain and set liquid aside.

3.  To each cup, add 1/2 cup rosewater, witch hazel or commercially made Aloe Vera Gel to the blend – it is very refreshing!

4.  A few drops of essential oils as desired.

I go a few steps further, adding skin loving algae extract, wrinkle fighting NaPCA and a little of my favorite ferment, Jun (pronounced JUNE).  It goes into a spray bottle – I can spritz it right on my face lightly on a hot day or spritz onto a cotton pad for use in my beauty routine.  One to two sprays does the job for either use.

If you’d rather just purchase this, it is $7.95 for a 2 ounce spray bottle here.


Simple Vitamin C Serum

Some of the most ‘active’ ingredients you can find in skin care today are vitamins and minerals.  To be dropper
honest with you, I SO want to just get preachy about taking your vitamins here because I truly believe that most, if not all, maladies begin with a deficiency.  Yes, toxins are a huge issue, but our bodies really can combat most things as long as there are no deficiencies holding them back.  But I won’t do that today.

Vitamin C is a very important antioxidant.  It promotes an increase in collagen in the skin.  Taking C internally is good, but to stimulate your skin into forming new collagen, applying it topically is surprisingly effective.  Take a look around – there are a couple of very famous vitamin C serums that run about $100.00 – $150.00 PER OUNCE.  While those famous serums are a little more complex than what I’m going to offer you here today – having other vitamins and nutrients besides C (and I question the logic of putting zinc in with C since zinc and C compete and cause oxidation to accelerate), the active in the serum is vitamin C.  Specifically L-Ascorbic Acid.  You can find L-Ascorbic Acid at Amazon, Making Cosmetics and Lotion Crafter.  It isn’t super expensive to buy an ounce or so of the powder to try your own serum.  A dollar or two for the dropper bottle (yes, recycled ones are ok as long as you get all of the previous contents out completely), and you’re good to go!

OK, on to the recipe.  This is approximately a 10% concentration of Vitamin C.  If you find that it tingles too much at first, you can wet your face before you apply it or add a little more water to your first batch to get accustomed to the C.  Over time, the skin does develop a tolerance to the tingling that is felt at first.  Some people have worked up to 25% serums.

You’ll need:

1 – amber or cobalt 1 or 2 ounce glass dropper bottle (a 1 oz bottle is preferred – once your serum is oxidized, it will turn orangey, it’s not as beneficial as fresh, so don’t make up a lot at a time)

Distilled Water
L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c)
Glycerin (optional)
Small dropper bottle
measuring spoons
small bowl to mix

Into a small bowl, measure 1/2 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid, 4 tsp distilled water and 1 tsp glycerin – Note: I don’t use glycerin.  Here in Arizona, there is no moisture in the air for the glycerin to draw on, so it draws the moisture from the skin and I don’t care for the way it gets to feeling.  Try this without the glycerin and with the glycerin – see what works for you.

The L-Ascorbic acid can take some time to dissolve completely, so be patient.  Once dissolved, mix well and pour into your dropper bottle.  This will last nearly a month.  As it oxidizes, it will turn orange.  Once it is orange, it’s no longer very beneficial for the skin.  Pour it out, clean the dropper bottle and make a new batch!


Essential Oil Blend for sores/outbreaks

Some of you know about my struggle during November-January with Epstein Barr Virus. What I did not tell many people about is the fact that the virus had gone so far that it started expressing itself in these SoreHealEOlittle sores on my body.  Epstein Barr is a member of the Herpes family.  There are several viruses in the Herpes family including the variant that produces cold sores as well as the one that causes the STD.  One of the lesser known variants is Herpes Gladiatorum – found most often in wrestlers and those who frequent the gym regularly, Gladiatorum expresses itself with little blisters, then the blisters pop and the resulting area looks a little like a ringworm.  I don’t know that my sores were Gladiatorum or EBV, they didn’t always have the blisters, but this blend worked great on my outbreaks!

This essential oil blend in a roller bottle brings a lot of relief and helps these heal pretty quickly.

10 drops Rosemary EO
10 drops Sage EO
10 drops Basil EO
10 drops Lemon Balm (Melissa) EO
10 drops Juniper EO
10 drops Thyme EO
10 drops Geranium EO

2-10 drops Frankincense EO (Optional – I ended up using 10 drops for my situation)

into a roller ball, fill with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil – leaving a little room at the top in case you decide to add another oil, or more of any certain oil

Optional additions:

10 drops Oregano EO
10 drops Myrrh EO
(if the condition needs heavy antibacterial action, use both)

I keep my bottle at my bedside so that I can use it on the spots before trying to sleep – they can be itchy or hot enough to interrupt sleep.

Cleansing Oil

cleansing-oilCleansing Oil?  :)  Yes.  In Ancient Rome, Olive oil was used as a cleanser for the skin – it was lathered on, then a scraper type tool was used to scrape the oil and dirt away.  I’m not suggesting that a scraper be used on your face… :)

For those who haven’t tried it, there is a very famous, very nice oil one can buy for about $15 for 2 oz.  While 2 ounces goes a long way (no, I’ve never bought that stuff, just made my own), I decided that I could match it and skip a few chemicals along the way.

This is the most excellent cleanser I’ve used – especially for taking makeup off.  It’s quick and my eyelashes are super happy.  Even on days that I don’t wear makeup (which is most days), however, this is a great way to cleanse the face.  I’m posting a recipe here, but if you’d rather just buy it, click here.

To use:  Massage a few drops into moistened skin.  Tissue off.  Follow with normal skin care routine.  I usually follow with a toner such as Queen of Hungary water (watch for the recipe in coming days), then a treatment serum such as a vitamin C serum (watch for a simple recipe in coming days) or moisturizer such as Super Emollient.



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